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Welcome to your Stars

September 28 to October 4, 2023  

An Aries full Moon is said to be characteristically intense in effect. One authority writes ‘This lunation can unleash a wave of pent-up frustration and rage. Find an outlet so you’re not hooking into any low hanging aggression.’ Admittedly, that’s rather extreme. However, Friday evening’s Aries La Luna is also accompanied by Venus square explosive Uranus. Forewarned is forearmed, enabling you to draw on Libran Le Sol and balance any destructive or aggressive tendencies. Start Thursday, when the pressure can start building. Doing so gets you wonderfully fit for purpose.

Thinking twice through Friday keeps you out of hot water. Mercury trine cosmic Uranus on Saturday can then bring important insights and new success. Sunday could be fiery. Wisdom pays. Mercury opposing confusing Neptune on Monday means assume nothing; check twice. Mercury trine powerful Pluto on Tuesday can then fortuitously speed your causes. Gemini La Luna on Wednesday can help with great communication.

Thought for the Times

“While there’s nothing you can do to stop a full Moon, obviously, what you can control is you. If you find yourself becoming increasingly agitated or negative around a full Moon, take a step back. For everyone, the key is awareness.”    Athena Perrakis 


Your yearly full Moon draws the spotlight your way. So watch it to stand out for the right reasons. Don’t overdo it Thursday. Conserve your energy. Beware butting heads or costly mistakes damaging Friday’s glory. Saturday simply shines with success. Sunday too if you’re being diplomatic. But tread carefully Monday. Vulnerability or confusion can too easily arise. However, you can score goals Tuesday and you’ve winning words and ways Wednesday.


La Luna in your unconscious or soul zone can spell unrest or even upsets. However, attending properly to work, inner and outer wellbeing allows more light and success into life, as Thursday shows. Proceed even more carefully Friday to avoid rows. Taking it easy amplifies your magic with others Saturday. Acting prudently also improves Sunday. Confusion is too easy on Monday. Check twice! Your ability to magically connect is back Tuesday and Wednesday.


Brewing La Luna helps bring a little more oomph to the thinking Twin’s social and professional activities on Thursday. But Friday’s Moon electricity can bring shocks. Acting with wisdom sparks better developments. Clever Mercury trine surprising Uranus can disclose blessings and heighten your charms Saturday. Get your ducks in a row Sunday. Be doubly alert Monday to avoid unsettling confusion. Your fortunes can shine Tuesday and your wits successfully sparkle Wednesday.


Brewing La Luna can stir your waters Moonchild. Both family and professional matters can benefit if you navigate wisely, as Thursday shows. But costly transactions or disagreements can quickly arise Friday. Taking care improves your position. Your people magic is in wonderful working order Saturday. Being focused, not flustered,  scores goals Sunday. Disruptive confusion easily arises Monday. So check twice. Excellent developments with others are possible Tuesday. Give yourself a break Wednesday.


Your schedule can speed up under brewing La Luna. Attending properly, including communications, to what needs it keeps you successfully on beam, starting Thursday. Friday is particularly potent. Thoughtlessness can completely blow your chances. So unnecessary when success shines again Saturday. Which diplomacy continues on Sunday. Confusion can blight your material and financial fortunes Monday. So stay alert. Then  you’ve a winning hand to play come Tuesday. Friends and colleagues are helpful Wednesday.


You can’t be careless now. It’s too easy for your fortunes or prospects to be propelled into disarray otherwise. Thursday shows how thoughtfulness pays. But red flags fly  Friday. Upsets can easily erupt. However, proceeding most prudently takes you into a much more fortuitous Saturday. Unusual success becomes possible. Sunday tests your people and accounting skills. Virgo Mercury blinded by foggy Neptune requires conscious attention Monday. You’re in winning form Tuesday and Wednesday.


The Aries full Moon can heighten your romance and resources in these birthday days. However, the remarkable differences between them require wise and aware conduct for you to properly benefit. Thursday reveals how attention to details pays. Play it very safe to avoid rows or boobytraps Friday. Saturday looks splendid. But thoughtlessness can spring trouble Sunday. Being health and safety minded averts trouble on Monday, allowing for blessings Tuesday and Wednesday.


 It’s time for you to recharge your batteries. And the full Moon adds to this need for proper attention to work and wellbeing. However, doing so adds to your charms, as Thursday demonstrates. But Friday can erupt in trouble or arguments. Silly, when you’ve everything it takes Saturday. Check your moves on Sunday so they’re the right ones. And double check on Monday to prevent confusion. Your winning flags fly Tuesday into Wednesday.


 Timing your moves through these volatile days keeps you on the right path. Constructive effort makes headway  Thursday. But Friday’s explosive set-up means watch it at work and with others. Saturday is then unusually successful. However, aggression or trouble can easily flare Sunday.  Mindful behaviour avoids that. Be particularly mindful on Monday as confusion can otherwise sabotage your efforts. Silly, when your stars align Tuesday and relationships sparkle on Wednesday.


This powerful full Moon spotlighting your career and home realms requires wisdom for right results in each. You can cover important ground Thursday. But arguments, even accidents, or errors easily erupt Friday. Take care. Then your fortunes are much improved on Saturday. Sunday, however, beware thoughtless behaviour sparking aggression or other trouble. Doublecheck all data Monday so confusion doesn’t create awful mistakes. Silly, when you can ace those goals Tuesday and Wednesday.


This fire full Moon can set life buzzing. Employ that cosmic consciousness so it’s for the right reasons and your fortunes can prosper. You’re quite financially astute Thursday. But sirens sound Friday. Upsets with others or at home erupt too easily. Take care. Prosperity and blessings are around you Saturday. However, both Sunday and Monday are somewhat land mined with potential trouble. Watch your step. Tuesday and Wednesday then bestow more blessed outcomes.

Screen Shot 2022-06-02 at 4.23_edited.jpg

Watch your monies and actions carefully under this lunation so your accounts balance and nothing spins out of control. Thursday’s Piscean La Luna helps you find your way. But tread carefully Friday, as mishaps or disagreements are too easily encountered. You’re in a much more winning position come Saturday. However, carelessness can spark trouble Sunday and Monday’s potential for damaging confusion needs countering with extra awareness. Your charms work Tuesday and Wednesday.

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