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Welcome to your Stars

June 8th to 14th, 2023  

Pluto exiting Aquarius could light the lessons in the symbol ‘A human head in a mass of clouds, which are rose tinted by the rising Sun’ it’s sitting on. Meaning we must get things right. Not be misled by foolish Pollyanna perception or dystopian negativity.

However, by checking facts and sources and seeing the reality (globally or individually), rather than compounding mistaken human behaviour, we can channel Pluto’s transformative and Le Sol’s life giving forces into a new kind of healing mastery, backed by Universal Light.

Pluto’s Capricorn symbol ‘A meteorite falling on a mountain top’ can then manifest as new awakenings, not further purging.

La Luna in New Age Aquarius Thursday and Friday can further light the truth for those looking. Saturday or Sunday could become even more intense. However, employing your God-given consciousness can work new alchemy. Mercury in Gemini Monday along with Capricorn Pluto can hasten new ways, along with the need for them. Tread carefully Tuesday and Wednesday to turn corners.

Thought for the Times

  “Pluto tends to reward mortals who possess unswerving attention and more, use by those intentions for ultimate good.”  Philip Sedgwick


Pluto’s intensity shadowing your social and professional circles and projects means pay attention Thursday and Friday if you desire good dividends. Taking it easy but staying on beam keeps you on course over the weekend. Then Pluto’s return to your career and life path realm Monday can mark new kudos, not complications. Just be doubly alert Tuesday as gaffes are easy. Then Wednesday continues rewardingly.


Your ambitions and destiny direction, under the Pluto treatment since March 24, could be even more transformatively lit now. Awareness actions special advances, not angst or adversity, as Thursday and Friday prove. Thoughtfulness keeps your personal and professional popularity powerfully working over the weekend. Proceed carefully on Monday and even more so on Tuesday, else mistakes are made. Your winning flags fly on Wednesday.


 Happy birthday Gemini! Changes click into place through these days. Stay bright and cheerful and careful so they’re the right ones. Thursday and Friday show the crucial difference right attention makes. And right effort makes your personal and professional profiles attractively glow over the weekend. Correct karmic and financial accounting becomes more important from Monday. With clever Mercury now in Gemini your charms and talents can sparkle Monday to Wednesday.


You’ve had to balance the books more carefully in recent times, and Pluto’s shift can intensify this. So make sure things add up Thursday and Friday for right results. You need to manoeuvre  and manage life sensibly, especially with others, Saturday and Sunday to traverse shifting sands successfully. Pluto’s return to your relationship zone on Monday requires more thoughtful interactions. Travel carefully Tuesday to avoid slipping up. Your people skills sparkle Wednesday.


Pluto’s been intensifying your relations with others since March 24. This can accelerate, as Thursday and Friday can demonstrate. Acting tactfully and thoughtfully takes all to a better level. Thinking things through also enhances your success over the weekend. Pluto’s return to your health and work realm from Monday shifts the focus. Attention to details sees you through and avoids miscalculations on Tuesday. Your star shines Wednesday.


More consistent attention to work and health is what Pluto’s demanded. Ditto for lifestyle. The quality of your focus could now be tested. Stay tuned Thursday and Friday to pass. Life could further intensify over the weekend. But staying tuned empowers your relationships and progress. Pluto shadowing your love, children or self-expression zones brings a change in tuning from Monday. However, watching your mode and manner Monday to Wednesday heightens your winning qualities.


Powerful Pluto in your love, children and creative expression sectors has brought lessons. Teachings could intensify now. Taking extra care pays off Thursday and Friday. (Kudos beats karma dramas!) Currents are further stirred over the weekend. Stay calm, avoid extravagant behaviour or spending, to stay successfully on course. You can excel in projects and relationships come Monday. And with Pluto’s return to your home and family realm increased mindfulness is required Monday to Wednesday.


Pluto, your mighty ruler, shifting signs is a big deal. A  recent destiny focus around property or family or inner matters could intensify now. Dealing skilfully with these matters averts trouble and hastens advances Thursday or Friday. Your mettle is further tested over the weekend. However, right attention to your conduct and relationships can score gold stars. Pluto can bring new mastery in life-management skills if you watch your step Monday to Wednesday.


You’ve had to or wanted to find new strings to your bow under Pluto’s influence. This course of learning could sharpen Thursday or Friday. So stay onto it. Things can intensify over the weekend, particularly re work, health or family. However, thoughtful moves make a fortuitous difference. Pluto’s return to your big money zone from Monday means watch the budget. Carelessness can cost you Tuesday. Wednesday helps you shine.


Pluto’s return to Capricorn could be quite seismic. If you’re on the right path and employing your hard won wisdom, you’ll do well. Watch your actions and transactions Thursday and Friday. Your resourcefulness is then rewarded. The weekend could feel intense. However, watching your ways and words can win new advances. There’s a change from Monday. Your best effort is necessary to raise success. And beware wrong moves Tuesday. Wednesday is then fortunate.


Pluto’s intensity since March 24 has made you hone your ways -or else! This could now become stronger. Thursday and Friday demonstrate the importance of your being present to the moment for right results. The weekend could further test you, and take extra care re family, but once again, acting consciously can raise great rewards. Spiritual wisdom becomes more important from Monday. Beware upsetting others Tuesday. Then your fortunes are quite favoured Wednesday.

Screen Shot 2022-06-02 at 4.23_edited.jpg

You’ve been learning the importance of inner strength to outer success under Pluto’s tutelage. Thursday and Friday show how attunement to your inner being fuels much better outcomes and quality of life. La Luna lights your way over the weekend. However, remaining balanced and centred is crucial to your ability to newly shine. Karma colours your social and professional circles from Monday. Beware silly mistakes Tuesday. Then you star power shines Wednesday.

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