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Welcome to your Stars

February 29 to March 6

Thursday being a Leap Year day adds another day to 2024. This is all to do with proper time keeping -literally! It gives us those vital hours necessary to keep our time construct of a 365 day year lined up with the true movement of the Sun.

Begun under Julius Caeser’s reign, this is not something innately filled with astrological potency, such as Eclipses or Solstices. Although some traditions have become attached (E.g. a woman proposing to a man, thanks to Irish St Bridget, where law forbade it all other days), the inner nature of February 29 depends on the current astrology of the day.

Which could start out feeling a little solemn, but Mercury’s sextile to Jupiter increasingly warms things up and improves one’s outlook. Le Sol sextile Jupiter on Friday also makes success easier for the mindful human, and Saturday’s cool too. However, Venus square lightning-strike Uranus warns to walk warily Sunday to avoid springing boobytraps. Silly, when Mercury sextile Uranus makes Monday positively charged for progress. Capricorn La Luna helps with focused and constructive effort getting things accomplished Tuesday and Wednesday.

Thought for the Times

 “Astrology offers a lens to understand our inner dynamics and outer experiences, guiding us toward deep self-awareness and transformation.”   Simon Vorster


ARIES: Don’t feel downcast on Thursday. By tuning into your inner strengths and deeper self you bring positive change to your fortunes. And this can most profitably continue Friday. Right effort  can raise good results Saturday too. However, Sunday is quite electric. Watch your safety, spending, and ways with others for success, not shocks. Special awareness or enrichment becomes possible Monday. Constructive endeavour can score important goals Tuesday and Wednesday.


TAURUS: Perhaps life’s quite busy and your social and professional circles abuzz. And maybe quite serious discussions have arisen. But remaining positive and constructive turns tides for the better, as Thursday proves. This approach easily conjures success Friday and helps relationship skills sparkle Saturday. However, Sunday’s short fuse means act even more mindfully to avoid explosions. Silly, when your charms are in excellent order on Monday and good progress is possible Tuesday and Wednesday.


GEMINI: Le Sol lighting your career and life path may have raised some serious issues. However, remaining centred and constructive greatly improves life, as Thursday shows, and Friday even more so. Quality work and wellbeing attention pays dividends Saturday. But Sunday’s peculiar planetary pattern means travel most mindfully to prevent sparking mishaps or rows. Then your wisdom and charms can glow Monday. Thoughtful attention to matters helps your fortunes and finances flourish Tuesday and Wednesday.


CANCER: There’s been quite some connecting and communication, and perhaps some serious news has transpired. But employing your Cancerian sensitivity and people skills helps you travel and interact successfully. As Thursday and particularly Friday demonstrate. La Luna can light your charisma with loved ones and others Saturday. But the stars easily misalign Sunday. Watch your safety, spending, and interactions. Right effort can score goals Monday. Partnerships can prosper Tuesday and Wednesday.


LEO: Matters re love, money, or wellbeing under Saturn’s rays may have been in focus, and some difficulty may have registered. However, tending your karmic and financial balances with constructive attention turns important corners. Thursday and particularly Friday illustrate the successful difference this makes. Family fortunes can be favoured Saturday. Mind your manners and mode so conflict or trouble can’t erupt Sunday. Your magic touch returns again Monday. And you can achieve Tuesday and Wednesday.


VIRGO: Your relationship realm has been quite potently stirred recently, and perhaps some sorrow has registered. However, by managing interactions and your mental space mindfully you’ll reach new and healing perspectives. Thursday and Friday amply demonstrate the success this approach raises. Saturday is productively busy if you are. But red flags fly Sunday. Beware carelessness causing chaos. Winning flags then fly Monday. You’re confident and capable Tuesday and Wednesday.


LIBRA: Health, work, and lifestyle areas look quite activated, and some serious issues may have arisen. But by tackling all positively and constructively great solutions and answers arise, as Thursday shows. And even more so Friday. Saturday works well if you do. However, beware arguments, costly inattention or even accidents erupting and spoiling Sunday. Watching your step means Monday can better favour your fortunes. Thinking behaviour improves professional and domestic fortunes Tuesday and Wednesday.


SCORPIO: Maybe there’s been some lessons on how better to conduct yourself, especially re loved ones or children. However, employing this new wisdom turns your fortunes in love and luck around, starting Thursday. Friday can be particularly fortunate and Scorpio La Luna lights your charms Saturday. But sirens sound Sunday. Act thoughtfully to avert sudden conflicts arising, especially in relationships or domestically. Your magic’s back Monday. And you get business done Tuesday and Wednesday


SAGITTARIUS: Property, family or other intimate matters could have been stirred recently. However, even if seemingly difficult, now right effort can greatly improve your fortunes, as Thursday shows. And Friday can work most successfully. Constructive life endeavour pays Saturday too. But warning bells ring Sunday. Tread carefully to avoid foot-in-mouth or worse. Your winning pennants then fly Monday. Watching your karmic and financial accounts improves and enriches Tuesday and Wednesday.


CAPRICORN: Mighty Saturn may have raised issues, especially re love, children or creative endeavours. However, calling on your business and people skills you now pivot all into a more winning direction, starting Thursday. And Friday looks even more fortunate. Your magic makes things work Saturday too. But Sunday has costly and explosive potential. Proceeding mindfully prevents major mistakes. Taking it easy gets more done Monday. Capricorn La Luna lights your way Tuesday and Wednesday.


AQUARIUS: Any money, resources or confidence issues now start to resolve through putting constructive effort into them, as Thursday shows. Family or financial fortunes can even better blossom Friday. Conducting all well scores goals Saturday too. But explosive and unpredictable Uranus strongly activated by Venus makes Sunday hair-trigger set. Remaining balanced and careful defuses any potential disasters. And you find new answers Monday. Don’t push yourself Tuesday or Wednesday. Look after inner wellbeing instead.

Screen Shot 2022-06-02 at 4.23_edited.jpg

PISCES: Maybe life has brought some karmic issues along recently. But you can now resolve all this into new wisdom and progress by handling life mindfully and positively, as Thursday illustrates. And even more so Friday. Your wits and charms can shine Saturday. However, warning lights flash Sunday.  So travel safely and communicate sensibly to avert unnecessary storms erupting. Silly, when you’re in fine form Monday and your people skills shine Tuesday and Wednesday.

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