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Welcome to your Stars

January 26th to February 1st, 2023  

As these days unfold so may more of your gifts and talents and inner evolution, as time well used on Thursday proves. Venus exiting Aquarius on Friday can put some electricity or perhaps unusual pressure through the day. However, you can rise to greater things on it through acting consciously. Venus in Pisces from Saturday can help inspire dreams. Le Sol moving to trine action packed Mars, and Mercury magician Uranus on Sunday can help the aware human positively (and perhaps surprisingly!) move life along. All these planets still positively activated can make Monday another goal scoring day. La Luna in communicative and intelligent Gemini through Tuesday and Wednesday can keep your plans and growth fruitfully unfolding.

Thought for the Times

 “All of life is animated by a single fantastic energy, which is the essence of everything that is -including you.”    Neale Donald Walsch


Your social and professional popularity is usefully starred now. You can reach people and goals. Your magic’s working Thursday. Remain thoughtful Friday to keep it that way. Your soul power is helpfully amplified from Saturday if you tune in. Acting mindfully can make you highly successful on Sunday and even more so come Monday. Your wits and charms continue to pull in prizes Tuesday and Wednesday if you continue consciously.


Le Sol lighting your professional and life path area can make for a lot of activity. However, it’s highly fruitful if you’re aiming efforts wisely, as Thursday teaches. Friday is quite crucial. Stay tuned. Rewards and accolades can arrive come Saturday. Quite amazing success or breakthroughs become possible on Sunday and Monday for the thinking Taurean. Things tick over well Tuesday and Wednesday too if you watch actions and transactions.


Life’s horizons are widening and new options can appear for the thinking Twin, as Thursday demonstrates. Thoughtful interactions and making the right decisions improve your position on Friday. Attractive Venus lights your social and professional profiles from Saturday. The forces for positive change and breakthroughs enrichingly gather Sunday and are even stronger on Monday. (Just don’t push yourself too hard.) La Luna lights your way Tuesday and Wednesday.


Watch your spending, and keep your karmic accounts in order too. And pay attention to inner well-being also. These bases covered can make you a much more successful human, as Thursday and Friday prove. Your people skills take on new magic from Saturday. Your interactions, transactions and soul power can all help life bloom into greater enrichment through mindfulness Sunday and Monday. Taking it easy gets more done Tuesday and Wednesday.


Your relationships, plus your social and professional popularity can dial up to new power and success if you put your mind to it, as Thursday and Friday demonstrate. You’re quite successful on Saturday. But Sunday and Monday can be quite surprisingly successful in communication, connections and achievement for the thinking Lion. Life can definitely be positively moved forward through appropriate endeavour. Which Tuesday and Wednesday can continue.


The stars definitely favour  your getting your life, health and career in order now. Getting to work Thursday and Friday will expedite the process and hasten good results. Your partnership skills take a sweet turn from Saturday. Both Sunday and Monday have quite extraordinary potential for success if you’re mindfully applying your efforts. La Luna lighting your professional and life direction realm can further show the way Tuesday and Wednesday.


Your special charms and creative talents can work some special magic if you pay attention to your actions, as Thursday and Friday reveal. Right effort brings rewards Saturday. But your prize winning form can knock the ball out of the park Sunday or Monday if you employ it well. Both your visionary and vocal skills are functioning well Tuesday and Wednesday. Using time well, connects you to greater things now.


Home, family or property matters can unusually benefit from timely attention now, as Thursday and Friday can amply prove. (Your financial or work situation can also now more easily improve.) Your relationships and charms can sparkle most successfully Saturday. However, mindfulness can make for, possibly surprising, advances in all the above and life and love generally Sunday or Monday. Attention to your karmic and financial accounts makes you richer Tuesday and Wednesday.


The stars can rather nicely align for you now, increasing that basic Sagittarian luck and sagacity, if you focus mindfully on your life and aims. Thursday and Friday are then rather fruitful. And from Saturday home and family life come under Venus’ blessing. But Sunday and Monday could have super powered synchronicity speed your steps and make for magic connections. Your partnership and interactive magic continue to hum Tuesday and Wednesday.


You can be extravagant now. But by watching your spending you’ll avoid costly splashing out and can score bargains or better income streams. Thursday and Friday can teach you on this. Work and health can also feature in a positive way through right attention. Your persuasive skills become even more winning from Saturday. And the wise Goat can score particularly enriching goals Sunday or Monday. Work pays Tuesday and Wednesday.


Life’s been pretty testing for the Water Bearer. But it’s all preparing you for greater things. And these days can help you fledge those new developing wings. Thursday and Friday bring new blessings and recognition to the thinking Aquarian. Enriching factors enter your world from Saturday. The stars can quite amazingly shine on you Sunday or Monday, bringing healing, new acknowledgement and confidence. Staying tuned continues this Tuesday and Wednesday.

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The Piscean soul power is one of your greatest gifts. Tending well to it can make for marvellous results now, as mindfulness and meditation through Thursday and Friday show. Venus in Pisces from Saturday further amplifies your charms. Magic connections, communication and enrichment can occur Sunday or Monday if you tune in. Continuing thus aids progress Tuesday and Wednesday. Family or home affairs can be especially favoured.

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