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Welcome to your Stars

June 13 to June 19, 2024

The importance of clear communications and connections can feature now, both globally and individually, with Le Sol, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter all in Gemini. Certainly life’s tempo can zip along. And how successfully you move and prosper with it depends on (as always!) how consciously you’re meeting each moment.

Attention to practicalities speeds more successful developments Thursday. Mercury crossing Le Sol means stay focused, not scattered, to make your mark Friday and Saturday and add more strings to your bow. Mercury conjunct Venus Sunday and Monday can heighten love’s power. But both planets square delusional or deceptive Neptune means beware rosy spectacles drawing you into foolish actions or unfortunate circumstances. Check twice!

The need to change or adjust course could be strong Tuesday as mighty Pluto’s forces are activated. You don’t want to mess with these. So remain alert. Le Sol approaching a square to confusing Neptune on Wednesday warns to stay smart to avert silly errors or vulnerability. Then precious ground is gained from lessons learned through these days.

Thought for the Times

 “Finding your harmonic balance, which resides in your heart and connects with the Cosmos, helps you successfully navigate the light and dark and become a Master in this life time. These are the essence of Thoth’s teachings.”  

Dr Doreal


ARIES: Stay up with your schedule and duties, then your special charms and people skills can unusually shine. You can get things done Thursday. But stay on beam on Friday to stay on course. Relationships and your unique magic can positively glow Saturday to Monday providing you double check, so confusion doesn’t queer the pitch. Tuesday’s potency requires awareness, especially re family or others, should necessary readjustments arise. Remain calm and clear Wednesday too.


TAURUS: Your fortunes can rise or fall now. Checking your actions and transactions twice avoids quicksand territory and makes it the former, starting Thursday. Be particularly careful to get your sums right Friday. Not being spendthrift or careless over the weekend means making gains, not losses. Remain clear Monday so foolish moves or interactions don’t cost you. Travelling carefully Tuesday enables making any necessary adjustments. Beware confusion with others or money costing you Monday.


GEMINI: Gemini’s busy astrology calls for wise and aware navigation from you to sail into better times, as Thursday shows. Staying calm Friday more than gets things right. The weekend can work wonderfully if you keep your feet on the ground. Foggy Neptune activated Monday calls for clear attention to your personal and professional behaviour to proceed, not mess up. Tuesday tests your financial and mental framework. Tread carefully. Wednesday works well if you do.


CANCER: Your soul or subconscious realm deeply stirred by current astrology calls for good attention to your mental and physical wellbeing. Doing so pays, as Thursday demonstrates. Beware getting scrambled Friday. Watching it over the weekend helps your spiritual and family fortunes better prosper. Damaging confusion easily arises Monday. So  double check. Mercury and Venus in Cancer bring new developments Tuesday. However, be safety and financially aware so there’s no shocks. Clarity avoids mistakes Wednesday.


LEO: Your social or professional areas look lively. However, you need to channel your charms mindfully so as to not lose precious chances or make costly errors. Thursday shows how wisdom wins. Focus makes you more fortunate Friday. Conscious behaviour helps your charisma attractively and winningly operate over the weekend. Be doubly careful on Monday else deceptive circumstances catch your current and future promise. Relationships are hot-wired Tuesday. Forewarned is forearmed. Tread carefully Wednesday too.


VIRGO: Planetary emphasis signals activity and changes in your life path and ambitions. Managing life mindfully and responsibly is what forges a better now and future, as Thursday proves. Remaining focused can speed important progress Friday. Your social and professional profiles attractively and winningly glow over the weekend if you’re thoughtful. But remain en guarde on Monday, as confusion can steal the show. Beware upsets re work, health or others Tuesday. Mindfulness pays Wednesday too.


LIBRA: Beware superficialities or time wasting diversions capturing you. Keeping your wits sharp helps with travelling far more successfully to the destinations you have in mind. Taking it easy but practicing clarity means managing all more fortuitously Thursday and Friday. La Luna can light the charms and way of the thoughtful Libran Saturday and Sunday. But mistakes or weakness are possible Monday. Proceed prudently. Tuesday looks particularly volatile. Proceed even more prudently. Check your data Wednesday.


SCORPIO: Under these stars your wellbeing or prosperity could thrive or falter. Watching your spending and assets and good attention to safety and health regimes makes it the former, starting Thursday and Friday. Not overdoing it over the weekend, but also managing life astutely keeps your health and wealth balances rising. Be particularly vigilant Monday to avoid mistakes, especially re monies or loved ones. Sirens sound Tuesday. Check all moves twice. Ditto for Wednesday.


SAGITTARIUS: Your relationship realm buzzing with planets makes interactions more powerfully activated than usual. Paying attention to your mode and manner keeps you in the spotlight for the right reasons, as Thursday and Friday illustrate. Your natural charms and talents can flourish over the weekend and score goals by continuing thus. But confusion easily colours home or partnership matters Monday and Tuesday’s rather perilously poised. Take great care both days. Clarity wins Wednesday too.


CAPRICORN: Your work, health and lifestyle realms abuzz with busy planets means stay calm and collected to amplify the beam of success and not get scattered. Thursday and Friday show how this improves your results. Your fortunes flourish over the weekend by keeping this constructive focus. Sirens blare Monday. Beware misunderstandings or foolishness creating negative swamps. Partnerships and finances are hot-wired Tuesday. Awareness averts explosions. Extra care serves you well Wednesday too.


AQUARIUS: With your personality, children and self-expressive areas under planetary focus employ conscious behaviour to create excellent results. As thoughtlessness provokes the reverse. Heeding this advice increases Thursday and Friday’s rewarding progress. Keeping your thinking cap on helps your stars fortuitously align over the weekend. Check twice to avoid costly errors on Monday. Remain centred Tuesday to sidestep sudden traps and meet the moment more masterfully. Mindful behaviour prevents muddles Wednesday too.

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PISCES: Home or family affairs can be a hive of activity. Certainly you should ensure things are properly seen to here as otherwise they could unravel. However, doing so makes for special and desirable developments, as Thursday and Friday show. Continuing wisely and thoughtfully over the weekend brings improvement in domestic and general fortunes. But beware foolish blunders Monday under foggy Neptune. Travel even more carefully Friday so trouble is averted. Wisdom wins Wednesday.

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